SGA’s composite SCBA cylinders are constructed by wrapping an alloy core with carbon fibre to produce an extremely light weight SCBA cylinder, designed for high pressure filling of compressed air. With a service pressure of 300 bar, these SCBA cylinders hold up to 50% more air than aluminium SCBA cylinders with the equivalent water capacity.

Carbon fibre SCBA cylinders are the most portable SCBA cylinder solution combining a lighter weight cylinder with a higher service pressure to deliver increased breathing time in proportion to the cylinder weight.

Most of our SCBA cylinders have an unlimited design life enabling the owner to keep using them providing they continue to pass routine Hydro’s and inspections.

The cylinder liner is coated with aluminium oxide to protect against moisture and corrosion.

We keep all the SCBA cylinder sizes listed below in stock, ready for immediate purchase.

Green is the most popular SCBA cylinder colour however cylinders can be supplied unpainted or in black.

Product Water
Diameter Length Weight Design
Ltr Bar Bar Mm mm kgs
BA20U 2.0 465 310 101 386 1.3 Unlimited
BA30U 3.0 465 310 115.3 425 1.8 Unlimited
BA50U 5.0 465 310 160 412 3.4 Unlimited
BA68E 6.8 450 300 158 521 3.9 20 Years
BA68U 6.8 465 310 160 524 4.1 Unlimited
BA90U 9.0 465 310 176 563 5.1 Unlimited
BA10U 10.0 465 310 176 620 5.5 Unlimited

Specifications are exclusive of valve.

M18 Thread and a 1.5mm pitch. Supplied with Australian Test station inspection certificate.


SGA is a distributor of VTI SCBA valves. VTI SCBA Valves are made with precision in Germany. These SCBA valves have an M18 thread, DIN 300 Outlet and 405 Bar Burst Disc suitable for our cylinders and the Australian market. We stock four configurations of the SCBA Valve, an inline SCBA Valve, an inline SCBA valve with a pressure gauge, a right angled SCBA valve and a cross flow SCBA Valve. Please refer to the chart below for more information.

Part # Description Height on Cylinder (mm) Weight (grams)
7001 300 BAR SCBA Right Angled Valve with stopper and DIN 300 Outlet 74 520
7002 300 BAR SCBA Inline Valve with DIN 300 Outlet 86 546
7003 300 BAR SCBA Inline Valve with Pressure Indicator and DIN 300 Outlet 90 621
7004 300 BAR SCBA cross flow Valve with stopper and DIN 300 Outlet 76 529

Moisture protection tubes and excess flow valves for SCBA valves are stocked too, these are sold as accessory items and not included with a valve purchase unless ordered separately.